An indissoluble and profound connection nites Salina to the Ravesi family and to the Hotel that bears its name.

In Sicily the family is much more than a blood bond. In Sicily, the family is the core where passions, values and dreams are handed down from generation to generation. Sometimes some of these dreams, with courage and dedication, take the form of an extraordinary reality that can involve, inspire and excite even those who are not directly the part of the family.

The history of the Hotel is closely related with the history of the Ravesi family and in particular with the figures and businesses of two men: Girolamo and Gaetano who, in the Sixties, began to host tourists from all over the world in the family structure, immerging them in the magic and enchantment of these places. Today that little house, nest of the family, is the large Hotel Ravesi that welcomes you with the heart, in the heart of Salina.


The Hotel is named after Girolamo Ravesi, called “Peppino”, a historical Aeolian figure. His father, Gaetano, in the twenties of the last century introduced the first automobile and built the first oven in Salina, which Peppino Ravesi carried forward immediately after the war, with passion and dedication, in years of great economic difficulties, characterized by the progressive depopulation of the entire archipelago.

Continuing in the wake of innovation , we owe to Peppino the first bus of the island that allowed the inhabitants and the first tourists to move easily. But the creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit of Peppino Ravesi did not stop, tirelessly generous of initiatives useful to the economy of the island, he ran a grocery store, a bakery that supported the whole island, the importation of gas, the marketing of capers and malvasia, until guessing the strong touristic potential of Salina.

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