Trekking and walks through nature trails and quiet and green paths or car tour of the island, whatever you choose to discover the wonders of the island of Salina by land, you will not be disappointed.

The colors and scents of the Mediterranean scrub mix with the sight of the small fishermen's houses on the island.

All around the blue of the sea with its sparkle without rest.


You can make the tour of the island by car or scooter along the 22 km of existing provincial road, that will not allow you to make the complete circumnavigation of Salina, as in the eastern and southeastern part, where the mountain slopes descend steeply on the sea, there are neither roads nor traces of paths.

Alternatively, to experience the island with a greater adventure way, it is possible to make excursions by land. The walks through the paths of the island, alone or with an expert guide, will make you come into direct contact with nature and enjoy the vision of enchanting landscapes.

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