The hotel that today welcomes tourists from all over the world, is the result of a continuous process of transformation and enlargement carried out by the Ravesi family.

The structure, old village of the nineteenth century, has been redeveloped and modernized with all the comforts of the hotel, while preserving the warmth and memory of the original architecture of the place. The hotel bar is the result of the faithful restoration of an ancient wine cellar, while in the small but rich adjoining library you can find an ancient perfectly preserved Aeolian kitchen, and you can still admire the cufulara, the wood-burning oven and the nineteenth-century majolica tiles. The Hotel Ravesi is unique because it is the fruit of the centuries of history of which it is the protagonist.

The key word of its development is respect: respect for the original color modulations; respect for the fundamental building characteristics typical of the houses of the Aeolian archipelago, the covered terraces (u bagghju) with wooden beam roofs supported by massive columns (ipulera), the cement benches (u bisuolu) covered with ancientnineteenth century Neapolitan and Sicilian tiles; respect for local and poor materials: wood, lava stone.

Last but not least, full respect for the environment, in fact it is certified Ecolabel Ecolabel and uses biologic and zero km products for the preparation of breakfast, light lunch and aperitif.

A perfect ecosystem for your holiday.



When you arrive at the Hotel Ravesi you will be impressed by the large garden: developed on terraces and cultivated in harmony with the agricultural characteristics of the island, it hosts more than 200 different varieties of plants on a just mentioned slope. At the same time you will be surrounded by the perfumes of fruit trees that grow luxuriantly under the generous Sicilansun: lemon trees, pear trees, apple trees, fig trees, grapes, capers, prickly pears and vegetables. The citrus garden donates fruit used for the production of jams for breakfast; as well as the vegetables from the organic vegetable garden are destined to the light lunch and to the renowned aperitif.

The garden offers also spacious relaxation areas immerged in the greenery, such as the majestic pine tree that gives shade and cool, and thearomatic plants path that goes down through the hotel garden, with over thirty different medicinal and aromatic plants (i.e. thyme, marjoram, lavender, chives, mint, oregano, sage, lemongrass, laurel).

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